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Ukraine hit by military setbacks
18:48 01.09.14
Ukraine suffers a series of military setbacks, as hundreds of troops are taken prisoner and its forces withdraw from a key airport.

Iraq crimes 'on unimaginable scale'
19:42 01.09.14
The UN says reports from Iraq "reveal acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale", as the Human Rights Council debates agrees to send a fact-finding mission.

'Cloud' concerns after celeb leaks
19:35 01.09.14
Experts have raised concerns over the security of "cloud" storage sites following the leak of intimate pictures of celebrities.

Iran clerics 'must accept internet'
18:02 01.09.14
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges Iran's clerics to be more tolerant of the internet and new technologies after recent criticism from hardliners.

Fresh clashes erupt in Syrian Golan
16:39 01.09.14
Fresh fighting between rebels and government forces is being reported in the Syrian Golan Heights, where 44 UN peacekeepers were abducted last week.

Official heckled amid HK poll anger
10:24 01.09.14
Hong Kong pro-democracy activists disrupt a speech by a Beijing official, a day after China ruled out a direct leadership election in 2017.

Poland commemorates WW2 invasion
11:35 01.09.14
Poland marks the 75th anniversary of the Nazi invasion that sparked World War Two, with a wreath-laying ceremony.

Lesotho military action ruled out
20:00 01.09.14
Southern African leaders reject calls by Lesotho's exiled prime minister for the immediate deployment of troops to his country, an official tells the BBC.

Lebanon army receives soldier's body
20:06 01.09.14
The Lebanese army receives the remains of a missing solider who is believed to have been beheaded by militants from Islamic State (IS).

Libya militias 'seize ministries'
17:06 01.09.14
Libya's militias capture most government ministries in the capital, Tripoli, the government says, as the prime minister is reappointed.

Mexico probes mass fish death in lake
12:40 01.09.14
Tonnes of dead fish have been washed up on the shores of Cajititlan lake in the Mexican state of Jalisco amid a row over the cause of the mortality.

Bosnian Serbs held for 1992 killings
16:20 01.09.14
Thirteen former Bosnian Serb police and soldiers are detained by police on suspicion of carrying out killings at the start of the Bosnian war in 1992.

Kenya targeting 'ghost workers'
18:44 01.09.14
Kenya's President Kenyatta launches the biometric registration of civil servants in an attempt to remove "ghost workers" from the government's payroll.

VIDEO: Meet Japan's Batman - Chibatman
03:17 01.09.14
The BBC's meets Chibatman - a Japanese man who dresses as Batman to make Japanese people smile and who has become an internet sensation.

Ferguson police wear body cameras
18:35 01.09.14
Police in Ferguson, Missouri, are now using body cameras, three weeks after a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager leading to weeks of violent unrest.

Joan Rivers' family remain hopeful
18:02 01.09.14
The daughter of comedian and TV presenter Joan Rivers says they have their "fingers crossed" as she recovers in hospital from a cardiac arrest.

Man Utd agree to sign Falcao on loan
13:14 01.09.14
Manchester United agree to sign Colombia international striker Radamel Falcao on loan from Ligue 1 side Monaco.

Cuba introduces new customs limits
04:37 01.09.14
Cuba restricts the amount of foreign goods that travellers can bring into the country, where locally-made items are scarce and expensive.

Zimbabwe stun Australia in Harare
20:04 31.08.14
Zimbabwe defeat Australia in a one-day international for the first time since 1983 after a three-wicket win in Harare.

Senegal confirms first Ebola case
23:28 29.08.14
Senegal's health ministry confirms a first case of Ebola, making it the fifth West African country now affected by the outbreak.

Troops return Pakistan TV to air
17:54 01.09.14
Pakistan's national television channel is back on air after security forces remove anti-government protesters from its headquarters in Islamabad.

Woman has boy after swim to safety
16:21 01.09.14
An Indian woman who swam nearly a kilometre across a raging monsoon river to avoid a home birth delivers a baby boy in hospital.

Nato plans rapid response force
18:28 01.09.14
Nato is to approve a rapid response force at a summit in Wales this week to deter any Russian threat to Eastern European members, the alliance's chief says.

Germany arms Iraqi Kurds against IS
13:25 01.09.14
Germany will send enough weapons to equip 4,000 Kurdish fighters defending areas of northern Iraq against Islamist militants.

Bahrain journalist's sentence upheld
22:06 31.08.14
A court in Bahrain upholds a 10-year sentence imposed on photojournalist Ahmed Humaidan, as human rights activist Maryam al-Khawaja is arrested.

Algeria profile
00:02 19.04.14
Provides overview, key facts and events, a timeline and leader profile along with current news about Algeria

PM outlines new anti-terror plans
20:18 01.09.14
New powers are needed to seize the passports of terrorist suspects and stop British jihadists from returning to the UK, David Cameron says.

Ashya parents fight extradition
19:21 01.09.14
The parents of Ashya King are held in police custody after refusing to consent to their extradition to the UK at an appearance at the High Court in Spain.

Euro manufacturing at 13-month low
12:06 01.09.14
Manufacturing growth in the eurozone slowed to a 13-month low in August, according to a closely-watched survey.

China factory growth misses forecast
05:13 01.09.14
China's manufacturing activity misses expectations in August, indicating that the country's economy may be losing momentum.

Russia and China launch gas pipeline
15:13 01.09.14
Russia and China begin the construction of a new gas pipeline linking the countries, with a ceremony in the Siberian city of Yakutsk.

Hernandez joins Real Madrid on loan
16:23 01.09.14
Manchester United's Mexican striker Javier Hernandez joins Champions League winners Real Madrid on a season-long loan.

Gallacher 'should be Ryder Cup pick'
13:02 01.09.14
Former European captain Bernard Gallacher says his nephew Stephen should be named as a Ryder Cup wildcard in this month's event.

Chelsea's Van Ginkel joins AC Milan
14:58 01.09.14
Chelsea's 21-year-old Netherlands midfielder Marco van Ginkel joins Italian side AC Milan on a season-long loan.

Guardians is top US film of 2014
12:03 01.09.14
Sci-fi blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy rules the US box office, becoming the biggest film of the year so far.

Bush sets new album chart record
22:21 31.08.14
Kate Bush follows her stage comeback to become the first woman to have eight albums in the chart at the same time.

Naked photos of celebrities leaked
12:50 01.09.14
Naked pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence are posted online but some stars claim the photos are fake.

VIDEO: Iraqi forces 'break siege' of Amerli
00:56 01.09.14
Iraqi forces have reached the besieged town of Amerli in northern Iraq, where thousands have been trapped by jihadists, military officials say.

VIDEO: Could Horseball gain Olympic glory?
17:33 01.09.14
Horseball, a mix of rugby and basketball, was invented in France in the 1970s, and now there are attempts to get it into the Olympics, as the BBC's Ollie Williams reports.

VIDEO: PM outlines passport seizure powers
18:21 01.09.14
The police are to be given new powers to seize the passports of terrorist suspects and stop British jihadists from returning to the UK, David Cameron has said.

VIDEO: Turning internet radio into art
14:38 01.09.14
LJ Rich looks at how one artist is using computer code to turn internet radio from across the globe into a unique piece of music.

VIDEO: Embracing animation in Africa
16:57 01.09.14
There are already animation studios in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, but only a very limited number of good schools teach art and animation techniques on the African continent.

VIDEO: BBC's Sweeney catches Putin at talks
18:06 01.09.14
As negotiators meet in Minsk to discuss the Ukraine crisis, Russia's President Vladimir Putin says the process of direct negotiations is "the beginning of a very important process".

VIDEO: Pakistan's state TV back on air
18:22 01.09.14
The Pakistani army has stepped in to remove anti-government protesters from state TV headquarters in Islamabad, after they stormed the building, taking it off air.

VIDEO: India and Japan PMs meet in Tokyo
12:56 01.09.14
India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, meets Japan's Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on his first major foreign visit since taking office.

Islamic State: Who supports the jihadist group?
07:45 01.09.14
Where Islamic State finds support to become a formidable force

Day in pictures: 1 September 2014
19:49 01.09.14
A selection of global images from from the past 24 hours

Foreign fighters in east Ukraine
02:32 01.09.14
The Europeans who pitch up in Ukraine to join the fight

VIDEO: Armagayddon: Gay marriage in Ireland
15:54 01.09.14
Parody video about gay marriage in Ireland sparks debate

VIDEO: Dumpster divers seek out free food
04:06 01.09.14
Living off the food other people throw away

Hong Kong's battle for hearts and minds
00:28 01.09.14
China's decision on Hong Kong's elections raises tensions

In pictures: India's coal miners
23:34 31.08.14
Photographer Arindam Mukherjee with the miners of eastern India

Hi-tech cars pose security risk
03:59 01.09.14
Researchers worry new cars could be vulnerable to hackers

Aerin Lauder's lifestyle empire
13:00 07.08.14
When your grandmother is one of the most famous cosmetics moguls in history, it might put a little pressure on you to succeed.

Bobbi Brown's billion dollar idea
22:39 15.07.14
When Bobbi Brown introduced her eponymous lipstick line to Bergdorf Goodman back in 1991, she never expected all 10 pinky-brown shades to fly off the shelves in just one day.

'Queen' of Macau's gambling empire
12:15 15.07.14
The 'queen' of Macau's gambling empire is about to unveil a new palace.

The dress that launched an empire
16:56 08.07.14
When Diane von Furstenberg first unveiled her wrap dress back in 1974, she never expected the DVF brand and dress to reach such iconic status in the world of fashion.

Breeding kamikaze mosquitoes
20:58 17.07.14
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is just two to three millimeters long but its impact is devastating. Of the thousands of mosquito species, this one bears primary responsibility for one of the world's deadliest and fastest growing diseases.

Incredible tech inspired by biology
20:58 17.07.14
When the body comes under attack by flu, dendritic cells rush to the site of infection and identify the alien forms attacking it. Millions raise the alarm and the immune system is fired into action.

A house made of sand and bacteria
20:58 17.07.14
Peter Trimble found his formula through trial and error. A design student at the University of Edinburgh, he was aiming to produce an artistic exhibition for a module on sustainability, when he stumbled on "Dupe," a living alternative to concrete.

Secrets of 'immortal' jellyfish
14:06 01.09.14
For centuries, man has been on a quest to find the elixir to eternal life. Alchemists struggled fruitlessly to create the legendary philosopher's stone, a mythical substance capable of turning base metals into precious gold and said to hold the key to immortality.

The magic of bioluminescence
13:54 12.08.14
CNN's Philippe Cousteau visits Laguna Grande in Puerto Rico to explore the wonder of bioluminescence.

Revealed: Science of space station
14:04 01.09.14
It may seem like it's all fun and games at the space station. But there's a serious side to the astronauts' sojourns among the stars too.

The scene in eastern Ukraine
07:33 01.09.14
A few miles south of the town of Starobeshevo in eastern Ukraine, a group of men in uniform is slumped under a tree.

'Fog lifts to show Russia at war'
17:32 29.08.14
The West's grand strategy of transforming Russia into a liberal democracy by weaving it into a web of interconnectedness has failed. By moving from proxy war to open war, by giving up pretense and deniability in Ukraine, Russia has very clearly made that point.

Reviving Turkey's economy
14:07 29.08.14
Recep Tayyip Erdogan was officially sworn in as Turkey's new president Thursday after comfortably winning the country's first fully public vote to decide its head of state earlier this month. But can the once fast growing emerging nation rediscover its economic zeal?

Foreign jihadists talk to CNN
19:24 28.08.14
Foreign fighters inside Syria and Iraq have become a massive concern for authorities worldwide. Many are alarmed at the quick rise in the number of Westerners who have joined militant groups trying to establish an Islamic caliphate, with several investigations launched following the gruesome beheading of American journalist James Foley last week.

Gored man to run with bulls again
07:24 28.08.14
Just weeks after Bill HIllman, known as a veteran, expert bull runner, was badly gored in Pamplona, he's back at other smaller bull runnings in Spain, but walking with a cane.

Does UK have jihadi problem?
21:05 27.08.14
"Any attempt by you, Obama, to deny the Muslims their rights of living in safety under the Islamic caliphate will result in the bloodshed of your people" may have been the last words James Foley ever heard.

'Prepare for cold Russian winter'
13:52 27.08.14
The meeting on Tuesday between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, marks the beginning of a new phase in the conflict between the two countries.

Create your own 'country'
14:30 27.08.14
Scotland will next month decide in a referendum whether it wants to go it alone as an independent country and split away from the United Kingdom.

French turmoil: Is there an end?
14:39 26.08.14
When France's Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg was quoted in French daily newspaper Le Monde over the weekend attacking the economic policies of his very own government, he knew what he was doing: Pulling the pin out of a grenade. And he certainly seemed to have no regrets.

Great city for chocoholics
10:01 26.08.14
New Yorker Kerrin Rousset's exploration of Swiss city aims to lure cocoa fans over to the dark side.

Russia sanctions: Who's hit?
19:14 25.08.14

NATO to create 'high-readiness force'
20:38 01.09.14
NATO members meeting this week in Wales are expected to create "a very high-readiness force" to deal with Russian aggression in Ukraine, NATO Secretary General said.

75 years since WWII began
20:35 01.09.14
September 1 marks the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium soon came under German control, and when France fell less than a year later, Britain was the only nation left in Western Europe to oppose Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Click through for key photos from the war.

London's Muslims fear witch-hunt
14:05 01.09.14
As Britain announces a new anti-terror response, CNN's Karl Penhaul meets some Muslims who fear a modern day witch-hunt.

Beslan atrocity, 10 years after
14:55 01.09.14
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh visits Beslan, Russia, where 10 years ago Chechen militants stormed a back-to-school assembly.

Old buildings: Restore or destroy?
18:18 01.09.14
Ever since it appeared on the cover of Animals, Pink Floyd's 1977 album, Battersea Power Station in London has been famous around the world.

UK PM calls for new terror law
19:05 01.09.14
British Prime Minister David Cameron wants police to have the power to seize passports of those suspected of trying to travel to support ISIS.

Missing boy with brain tumor found in Spain
04:29 01.09.14
A 5-year-old boy with a brain tumor who was removed from a British hospital, starting an intense international search, has been found in Spain with his parents, the Hampshire Constabulary posted on its Facebook page late Saturday.

Despite rise in terror threat level, London remains busy
13:47 01.09.14
The United Kingdom may have raised its terror threat level, but the streets of London don't appear to be fazed.

Brits say 'EU sucks' over vacuum cleaner ban
19:51 01.09.14
The EU police are not about to take your vacuum cleaner away from you. So, stop worrying.

McCartney urges Scottish voters to reject independence
13:47 01.09.14
Beatles star Paul McCartney became the latest high profile figure to sign a letter calling on Scottish voters to choose to remain part of the United Kingdom in a vote on independence next month.

Transfer deadline day: Hernandez joins Real Madrid
17:00 01.09.14
Mexico striker Javier Hernandez has joined Real Madrid on a season-long loan from Manchester United, the Spanish soccer giant announced Monday, the last day before the European transfer window closes.

Opinion: The ugly return of anti-Semitism
20:01 01.09.14
Tim Stanley says there was a rally in London to protest something he never thought would need protesting in modern Britain: the rise of anti-Semitism.

German, Polish leaders unite in commemoration of outbreak of WWII
17:41 01.09.14
On September 1, 1939, German troops under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime launched an attack on Poland. The countries’ presidents have come together 75 years later in commemoration of the event that marked the start of WWII.

Merkel: weapons to Iraq are a'chance'to stop terrorists
15:29 01.09.14
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her military aid plan to northern Iraq. However, her critics accuse her not only of a poorly-timed announcement, but also going against Germany’s anti-war stance.

Turkey detains dozens of police over coup allegations
14:19 01.09.14
Turkey's government has launched a renewed crackdown on police in connection with an alleged attempt to oust Recep Tayyip Erdogan from power. It's the latest in a series of police purges.

Turkey calls US envoy as Snowden reveals new spying
14:12 01.09.14
Turkey has summoned the top US diplomat in Ankara. Over the weekend, Germany’s Spiegel reported that the United States had spied on its NATO ally.

Fighting in Luhansk as Ukraine talks peace in Minsk
13:26 01.09.14
Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the Luhansk airport and a nearby village after coming under artillery fire. Fresh talks between Russian and Ukranian representatives are underway in Minsk.

UK businesses want new relationship with EU
11:16 01.09.14
More than half of British companies want to re-negotiate their relationship with the European Union, according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). But most do not favor a withdrawal from the bloc.

'Moral choice explains fascination with WWII'
05:33 01.09.14
On the anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939, DW spoke with English historian Antony Beevor. He explains Hitler and Stalin's impact on the individual, the global nature of the war, and the morality debate.

Marking the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II
02:04 01.09.14
Ceremonies are being held to mark the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. This comes at a time of heightened concerns about security among the European Union's eastern states in particular.

Putin calls for talks on'statehood'for eastern Ukraine
15:44 31.08.14
Russian President Vladimir Putin has appealed for immediate"substantive talks"on the future status of eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, separatists in the country's east are preparing an offensive on a major port city.

Child killed in Paris building collapse
11:18 31.08.14
Authorities in Paris are investigating what caused an explosion which led to the deadly collapse of a residential building. Rescuers were continuing to search for victims possibly trapped in the rubble.

German domestic security chief warns of terror threat
11:10 31.08.14
The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency says Islamic extremists from Germany who have traveled to fight with militants in Syria and Iraq may carry out terror attacks on German soil.

Opinion: EU's passivity is deceptive
02:54 31.08.14
Many would like to see the EU really lose its cool with Vladimir Putin, just once, especially now it is clear that Russian troops are in Ukraine. But in its own way it is, says DW's Claire Davenport.

EU prepares new sanctions against Russia
02:28 31.08.14
EU leaders agreed to embark on fresh sanctions for Russia at a special meeting in Brussels on Saturday. But their actual powers will be worked out by the European Commission next week.

European Union to prepare new sanctions against Russia
01:52 31.08.14
EU leaders have agreed to prepare tougher sanctions that could be imposed on Russia within days. The concensus emerged after several hours of talks to decide how to respond to the deepening crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Poroshenko: Ukraine approaching'point of no return'
00:53 31.08.14
The European Union appears set to step up sanctions on Russia over the situation in eastern Ukraine. Not only the country's president has warned that Ukraine is"close to the point of no return."

Poland's Tusk and Italy's Mogherini picked for EU top jobs
20:00 30.08.14
EU leaders meeting in Brussels have chosen Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the new European Council president. Italy’s Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini will head the bloc's diplomatic relations.

EU leaders gather in Brussels to fill bloc's top jobs
18:57 30.08.14
EU leaders are meeting to decide on who will replace the European Council president and the foreign policy chief. A promising candidate has withdrawn herself from the running.

Calls grow loud for more sanctions on Russia
14:26 30.08.14
The calls for sanctions to be toughened on Russia over its actions in Ukraine are growing in intensity. But European Union leaders say they are looking for a political deal to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

Ukraine crisis expected to overshadow EU summit
06:31 30.08.14
EU leaders are set to meet to try to agree on who should fill some of the bloc's top jobs. However, recent developments in eastern Ukraine promise to have EU leaders discussing possible tougher sanctions against Russia.

EU foreign ministers consider fresh sanctions on Russia
01:15 30.08.14
The EU could be set to impose tougher sanctions on Moscow after NATO accused Russia of sending hundreds of troops into Ukraine. Germany's foreign minster warned the situation in Ukraine could be slipping out of control.

'Yes' or 'No'?: A Divided Scotland Confronts Independence Vote
11:21 27.08.14
Traveling through Scotland, you might think the result of September's independence referendum is a foregone conclusion. "Yes" signs are everywhere. But surveys tell a different story and many who are wary of the hype.

Baltic Fears: NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield against Russia
12:16 25.08.14
With fears of Moscow growing after its intervention in Ukraine, NATO member states in Eastern Europe would like NATO to direct a planned missile-defense system against Russia as well. The calls have divided the military alliance.

Battle for Ukraine: An Inside View of the Surreal Donetsk War Zone
19:19 19.08.14
As the Ukrainian army closes in on Donetsk, shelling in the metropolis has become much more frequent -- and deadly. Many residents have left, but those who remain seem unsure what to make of the conflict. Resignation is widespread.

Russia's Soul: What Crimea Says about Putin's Future
13:31 13.08.14
President Vladimir Putin made himself immensely popular among Russians by annexing the Crimean Peninsula. But with the situation in eastern Ukraine volatile, it remains unclear how the move will ultimately be judged. A trip through Crimea provides some answers.

Pilgrims Inc.: Soul Searching and Commerce on the Way of St. James
11:24 07.08.14
Not long ago, only a few people would make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Now, over 200,000 people a year spend several grueling weeks along the route. Traditionalists turn up their noses at the crowds, but the rewards are still vast.

Europe's Ground Zero: Fairy Tales and Fabrications in Eastern Ukraine
11:33 30.07.14
There's an eerie silence at the MH 17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, even as a civil war and propaganda battles rage around it. Few here seem concerned that the investigation into the tragedy could influence future ties with Europe.

The Wake-Up Call: Europe Toughens Stance against Putin
16:14 28.07.14
It took the shooting down of a Boeing jet carrying almost 300 people before the EU agreed on the first true economic sanctions against Russia. The Americans want further action, but it is impossible to know if punitive measures can sway Vladimir Putin.

The Muslims of Tromsø: Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun
17:17 25.07.14
During Ramadan, Muslims fast until the sun goes down. But what if you live in a place where there is no sunset? The believers in Tromsø, Norway spent years searching for a solution to that conundrum. Now that they have found one, new problems have arisen.

A Tour of France: Examining the New Sick Man of Europe
18:30 23.07.14
The TV images of the Tour de France show an idyllic country, but behind the gloss is a nation where fears of decline are prompting people to vote for the far right. A trip along the route of the world's most famous cycling race reveals the deep uncertainty ailing the French.

US Loses Patience with Europe: Washington Wants Tough Russia Sanctions
13:01 22.07.14
Following the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine, calls are growing in Washington for tough sanctions against Moscow. Many European governments are still hesitating, paving the way for the next big trans-Atlantic row.

Opinion: Watch Out for Little Green Men
18:52 07.07.14
When Moscow-backed troops appeared in Crimea earlier this year, the media dubbed them the "Little Green Men." Now NATO members should ask themselves how they will respond if the soldiers begin appearing in Estonia and Latvia too.

Yearning for Change: Italian Diplomacy Just Got Younger
12:39 04.07.14
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised change for his country. His new foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, embodies the desire to shake things up. Just 41 years old, she lacks extensive experience, but is full of confidence.

Russian Riddle: EU Can't Agree on a Natural Gas Strategy
18:13 24.06.14
European leaders agree that the Ukraine crisis has made natural gas supplies from Russia precarious. Yet they are divided over what to do about it. Poland wants a new European energy union, but others seem to be in no hurry.

Ukraine: Cossacks Thought To Be Behind Observer Kidnappings
12:08 23.06.14
Western diplomats believe that leading Cossacks could be behind the abduction of two teams of OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine, SPIEGEL has learned. A leading Cossack in the Russian parliament could have the power to free them.

Spending Spree: Anger with Greek Shipowners on the Rise
17:49 19.06.14
The Greek economy continues to suffer, but the country's shipowners are spending as though there were no crisis. Once popular, Greece's shipping companies are now widely reviled.

Commission Crusade: Cameron Outmaneuvered in Battle over Juncker
13:37 19.06.14
British Prime Minister David Cameron is determined not to let Jean-Claude Juncker become president of the European Commission. But he is increasingly isolated. He might face his Waterloo as early as next week.

Trouble for Merkel: Berlin Divided in Spat over EU Commmission
13:14 07.06.14
The appointment of the next leaders of the EU Commission has divided Europe, raising the specter that Britain could leave the bloc. London is an important ally to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and it is likely she will seek to broker a deal.

Opinion: Europe's Juncker Bond
14:15 05.06.14
Jean-Claude Juncker vehemently criticized German-imposed austerity measures during the euro crisis. By doing so, he gained support in a number of countries -- especially those which would like to see the common currency zone degraded into a debt union.

Cameron's Empty Threat: Britain Risks Losing an Ally in EU Feud
16:50 04.06.14
It appears David Cameron's strategy has backfired. His campaign to derail Jean-Claude Juncker's appointment as the next EU Commission president is failing and the British prime minister may soon suffer a loss of face. Angela Merkel is his only possible savior.

'A European War': The Fight for Ukraine's East Gets Bloodier
14:33 04.06.14
Fighters from Russia's Caucasus region have joined the separatists in eastern Ukraine, while Kiev has intensified its efforts to win back control of the region. Just 10 days after the presidential election there, the conflict is quickly turning into a war.