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Foley killers 'wanted $132m ransom'
02:05 22.08.14
Islamic State jihadists demanded a $132m (£80m) ransom for the release of US journalist James Foley, his employer GlobalPost says.

Malaysian MH17 bodies to arrive home
02:48 22.08.14
The bodies of 20 Malaysian victims of Flight MH17 that crashed in Ukraine are to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, as the nation holds a day of mourning.

NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs'
02:01 22.08.14
The Tor Project says it believes some NSA and GCHQ agents are surreptitiously leaking it information to protect anonymity on the net.

US Ebola patients out of hospital
20:19 21.08.14
One of the US aid workers who recovered from the Ebola virus says he is "thrilled to be alive" as he and another patient are discharged from hospital.

Argentina debt plan ruled 'illegal'
02:32 22.08.14
Argentina's plan to ask investors holding defaulted bonds to swap them for new locally issued debt is ruled "illegal" by a US court.

National Guard to leave Ferguson
22:15 21.08.14
The National Guard is set to withdraw from the St Louis suburb where a black teenager was killed by police this month, as tensions ease.

Venezuela "to fingerprint shoppers"
02:42 22.08.14
Venezuela plans to fingerprint supermarket shoppers in a move to combat food shortages and smuggling.

Ukraine inspects Russian aid convoy
19:53 21.08.14
The Red Cross says Ukrainian customs checks have begun on Russian aid lorries destined for the besieged city of Luhansk.

Navi Pillay rebukes Security Council
03:05 22.08.14
UN's human rights chief Navi Pillay strongly criticises the UN Security Council for its failure to prevent conflicts around the world.

Bergdahl prisoner swap 'illegal'
23:19 21.08.14
The exchange of five Taliban fighters held at Guantanamo Bay for a captive US soldier violated the law, a US government watchdog agency finds.

S Africa MPs halt president's speech
19:33 21.08.14
An address to parliament by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma is halted by opposition MPs chanting: "Pay back the money."

Indonesia court upholds Widodo win
18:41 21.08.14
Indonesia's top court upholds Joko Widodo's victory in July's presidential elections, rejecting an appeal from defeated candidate Prabowo Subianto.

Russian returns imported French pate
21:00 21.08.14
Russian tourists have failed to bring home a supply of French pate from abroad, unaware they were flouting Moscow's food sanctions.

Germany's modest millionaire dies
19:47 21.08.14
Klaus Zapf, a German millionaire and removals entrepreneur who shunned the trappings of wealth, has died from a heart attack at the age of 62.

US bank in record $16.7bn settlement
18:29 21.08.14
Bank of America agrees to pay a record $16.7bn (£10bn) to US authorities for selling toxic mortgage loans that helped trigger the financial crisis.

Boston bomber 'friend' pleads guilty
00:22 22.08.14
A friend of one of the men suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing pleads guilty to obstructing the investigation into the attack.

Shakira song 'broke copyright laws'
06:56 21.08.14
Colombian pop star Shakira's hit song Loca was indirectly copied from a Dominican songwriter's work, a US federal judge rules.

Silva runs for Brazilian presidency
03:17 21.08.14
The Brazilian Socialist Party names environmental campaigner Marina Silva as its new presidential candidate, replacing Eduardo Campos who died last week.

Boko Haram 'control police academy'
16:54 21.08.14
Northern Nigeria's riot police training academy has been overrun by Boko Haram Islamist militants, sources in Borno state tell the BBC.

South Africa issues Ebola travel ban
00:53 22.08.14
South Africa says non-citizens arriving from Ebola-affected areas of West Africa will not be allowed into the country.

Thailand coup general named as PM
13:38 21.08.14
Thailand's junta leader General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who led a coup in May, is named the new prime minister, after a parliamentary vote.

Hanged India girls' 'rape' in doubt
13:48 21.08.14
A forensic investigation into clothing and swabs taken after the murder and alleged gang rape of two teenage cousins in northern India concludes they were not sexually assaulted.

Hunt on for 'UK' beheading suspect
19:40 21.08.14
Police and security services are trying to identify a jihadist - thought to be British - in connection with the killing of US journalist James Foley.

Belgian PM's laptop stolen from car
12:46 21.08.14
A thief breaks into the car of outgoing Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Rupo, stealing his laptop, but officials deny state secrets were taken.

Israel kills top Hamas commanders
16:18 21.08.14
An Israeli air strike kills three senior Hamas military commanders as Israel vows to pursue its Gaza campaign until it achieves "full security".

Iran MPs dismiss science minister
15:53 20.08.14
Iran's parliament votes to dismiss Science Minister Reza Faraji-Dana, dealing a blow to reformist President Hassan Rouhani.

Doctors may face 'tougher sanctions'
02:31 22.08.14
Failing doctors could be forced to apologise to patients under measures being considered by the medical regulator.

Rights campaigner Helen Bamber dies
23:28 21.08.14
Veteran human rights campaigner Helen Bamber, who was among the first to relieve Nazi concentration camp victims in 1945, dies.

Gap goes to India for new customers
04:17 22.08.14
US clothing store Gap is bringing its brand to India with the aim of opening 40 outlets, and will launch the first two stores early next year.

Russia widens McDonald's food probe
15:55 21.08.14
Russia's main consumer watchdog announces unscheduled checks on a number of McDonald's restaurants as part of an investigation into food standards.

Dollar store rejects rival $9.7bn bid
18:58 21.08.14
Family Dollar, the US-based discount store at the centre of a bidding war, rejects rival Dollar General's proposal to buy it in a deal worth about $9.7bn (£5.8bn).

Mackay apologises over text row
00:43 22.08.14
Malky Mackay apologises for sending two one-line text messages he admits were "disrespectful of other cultures".

Liverpool agree£16m Balotelli fee
15:59 21.08.14
Liverpool agree a£16m fee with Italian club AC Milan to sign former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli.

Verstappen move is a risk - drivers
20:19 21.08.14
Formula 1 drivers question Red Bull's decision to pick 16-year-old Max Verstappen to drive for Toro Rosso next year.

Cast of South African soap sacked
14:41 21.08.14
The 16-strong cast of popular South African soap opera Generations is sacked after a long-running dispute over pay and contracts.

BBC Sir Cliff coverage 'appropriate'
17:50 21.08.14
The BBC "acted appropriately" in covering the police search of Sir Cliff Richard's home, the corporation's director general Tony Hall says.

Emma Stone to make Broadway debut
11:47 21.08.14
Hollywood actress Emma Stone is to make her Broadway debut in the current revival of Cabaret, replacing Michelle Williams in the role of Sally Bowles.

VIDEO: Why are Moscow McDonald's shut?
15:04 21.08.14
Moscow correspondent Steven Rosenberg looks at the closure of a number of McDonald's restaurants in Russia.

VIDEO: Hanoi gardens' blooming trade
18:57 21.08.14
Vietnam's lotus gardens are capitalising on an increasingly popular source of revenue. In midsummer when the flowers bloom, young and old flock to the gardens to have their pictures taken.

VIDEO: Ebola survivor 'thrilled to be alive'
19:23 21.08.14
Ebola virus survivor Dr Kent Brantly has described how he is "thrilled to be alive" after contracting the infection while working in Liberia.

VIDEO: Death sparks violent CAR clashes
21:57 21.08.14
There have been fierce clashes between militia and international peacekeepers in the capital of Central African Republic.

VIDEO: Ukraine crisis: Who controls what?
18:01 21.08.14
Pro-Russian rebels, who had taken control of eastern Ukraine, are under pressure as government forces fight to regain control.

VIDEO: Mass rally as Hamas leaders buried
18:45 21.08.14
Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Gaza for the funerals of three senior senior Hamas military commanders who were killed in an Israeli rocket strike.

VIDEO: The threat posed by Dutch jihadists
19:38 21.08.14
Islamic State militants have been accused of a number of atrocities in Iraq and Syria - but it is not just people from the region who have been fighting for the group.

VIDEO: Man, 111, named world's oldest
14:12 21.08.14
The world's oldest man has been named as Sakuri Momoi, who is 111 years old and living in Japan.

Timeline: How the Syria conflict has spread
18:40 21.08.14
How Syria's war has changed and spread in a year

Can Indonesia's Jokowi meet expectations?
02:53 22.08.14
Can Indonesia's Jokowi meet voters' expectations?

VIDEO: Tough talks for Ferguson parents
03:11 22.08.14
What do parents in Ferguson tell their children about violence?

Secret recordings of a president's daughter
02:09 22.08.14
The secret recordings of a president's daughter

Dutch grapple with jihadist threat
02:24 22.08.14
Dutch grapple with jihadist threat from some young Muslims

Letter from Africa: Taking advantage of a crisis
02:57 22.08.14
Will Ebola change Ghanaians' love of funerals and dead bodies?

Poland's apple growers face crunch time
02:01 22.08.14
Russian ban starts to bite for Poland's apple growers

Quiz of the week's news
03:05 22.08.14
Why was this man refused entry to Dubai?

Galileo: We know where you are
02:00 22.08.14
What pinpointing positions on the planet could mean for you

VIDEO: Police shooting video stirs debate
02:00 22.08.14
Does an eyewitness video explain a police shooting?

Aerin Lauder's lifestyle empire
13:00 07.08.14
When your grandmother is one of the most famous cosmetics moguls in history, it might put a little pressure on you to succeed.

Bobbi Brown's billion dollar idea
22:39 15.07.14
When Bobbi Brown introduced her eponymous lipstick line to Bergdorf Goodman back in 1991, she never expected all 10 pinky-brown shades to fly off the shelves in just one day.

'Queen' of Macau's gambling empire
12:15 15.07.14
The 'queen' of Macau's gambling empire is about to unveil a new palace.

The dress that launched an empire
16:56 08.07.14
When Diane von Furstenberg first unveiled her wrap dress back in 1974, she never expected the DVF brand and dress to reach such iconic status in the world of fashion.

Breeding kamikaze mosquitoes
20:58 17.07.14
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is just two to three millimeters long but its impact is devastating. Of the thousands of mosquito species, this one bears primary responsibility for one of the world's deadliest and fastest growing diseases.

Incredible tech inspired by biology
20:58 17.07.14
When the body comes under attack by flu, dendritic cells rush to the site of infection and identify the alien forms attacking it. Millions raise the alarm and the immune system is fired into action.

A house made of sand and bacteria
20:58 17.07.14
Peter Trimble found his formula through trial and error. A design student at the University of Edinburgh, he was aiming to produce an artistic exhibition for a module on sustainability, when he stumbled on "Dupe," a living alternative to concrete.

The magic of bioluminescence
13:54 12.08.14
CNN's Philippe Cousteau visits Laguna Grande in Puerto Rico to explore the wonder of bioluminescence.

Send a robot to the moon, win $20m
14:57 11.08.14
Google shoots for stars with competition asking innovators to send a robot back to the moon by December 31, 2015. Will any one be able to do it?

'The little spacecraft that could'
13:45 01.08.14
Voyager 1 continues to reveal the mysteries of the solar system to a captivated Earthbound audience 37 years after launch.

Armstrong: 'I never get crap'
14:24 19.08.14
It's a year and a half since Lance Armstrong sat in front of Oprah Winfrey and admitted it was all a lie, every single word of it. In the fallout, everything that had been built on that lie came crashing down around him.

Giving in to the tug of Ireland
15:02 20.08.14
The last time a Ryan stood in the low doorway of the dirt-floored Byre House would have been the day before Willie Ryan passed in 1967.

Who is funding Ukraine's conflict?
19:52 19.08.14
A 20-minute drive from Kiev takes you to a neighborhood that feels more like Beverly Hills than central Ukraine.

LEGO's first professional girls
18:23 19.08.14
When LEGO released a set of figures collectively called the Research Institute -- featuring a scientist, astronomer and a palaeontologist -- it sold out worldwide within a few days.

10 futuristic hideouts
15:04 20.08.14
Imagine watching the northern lights in Finland through the transparent, geometric roof of your own glass igloo, or stargazing in Chile through the window of your specially designed cabin-observatory, or watching the weather roll in over rugged Julian Alps from your a-frame hut two thousand meters above sea level.

What's happening in Ukraine?
19:48 19.08.14
Nearly six months since popular protests toppled pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych, fighting between Ukraine's military and pro-Russia rebels continues in eastern Ukraine.

Peak rush: Paraglide the Alps
07:19 19.08.14
It's not for the faint of heart or full of stomach, but soaring off a Swiss mountain is worth the fear factor.

Richard III's bones reveal his diet
23:40 18.08.14
Tests on the long-lost skeleton of Richard III reveal the medieval monarch had a taste for rich foods such as peacock, heron and swan, and that his liking for the finer things in life -- including wine -- increased significantly after he became the king of England.

Build a home for $30. Seriously
14:54 18.08.14
From Islands to hotels and treehouses, ideal homes from waste materials

Friendliest / unfriendliest cities
21:01 18.08.14
Australians and New Zealanders tend to get annoyed when their accents get mistaken for one another, but there's one thing they do share.

Topless runner stripped of gold
16:11 15.08.14
It may have seemed like a good idea at the time but Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad's bizarre celebration in the home straight of the men's 3,000m steeeplechase at the European championships has cost him dear.

Hunt on for suspected British executioner
15:39 21.08.14
An international manhunt is under way for the fighter shown in a video of the beheading of journalist James Foley -- and its focus is on Britain.

Istanbul through the art of GIFs
15:34 21.08.14
To Erdal Inci, GIFs are a form of visual music.

Swiss 'suicide tourism' doubles
13:11 21.08.14
The law on assisted suicide in Switzerland isn't clear, according to a paper published in the journal Law, Ethics and Medicine this week. That's why, the authors say, people from other countries are traveling to the state of Zurich for the "sole purpose of committing suicide."

Sit anywhere with this chair
13:17 21.08.14
It's like a chair that isn't there, but magically appears whenever you need it. It's called the Chairless Chair and you wear it on your legs like an exoskeleton: when it's not activated, you can walk normally or even run. And then, at the touch of a button, it locks into place and you can sit down on it. Like a chair that is now there.

The most prolific female murderer
15:24 21.08.14
Four hundred years after the death of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, her murderous exploits prove a grisly attraction.

Ukraine helicopters, jet 'shot down'
13:14 21.08.14
Pro-Russian separatists struck two helicopters as well as a jet with portable air defense systems in the Luhansk region of Ukraine.

Analysis: No, the Pope didn't call for a crusade
06:51 21.08.14
Despite some suggestions to the contrary, the Pope did not recently call for a crusade. But can he balance modern and ancient lessons?

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano rumbles
14:21 20.08.14
In 2010, an Icelandic volcano with an unpronounceable name spewed an ash cloud into the skies that disrupted travel for millions of passengers and cost airlines a small fortune.

Champions League: Celtic's second chance still alive
23:51 20.08.14
Do you believe in second chances? It would appear that those wearing the green and white of Celtic do.

Gunmen attack Saudi Embassy convoy
19:40 18.08.14
Gunmen attacked a Saudi Embassy convoy in Paris on Sunday, stealing 250,000 euros ($334,000) and diplomatic documents, French police say.

Ahmet Davutoglu named new Turkish prime minister
19:06 21.08.14
Turkey's governing party has selected Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to be its new leader and the country's prime minister, to replace Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he becomes president next week.

Customs checks begin on Russian aid trucks
16:26 21.08.14
The first trucks of a Russian aid convoy have cleared through a customs checkpoint at the border with Ukraine. More than 260 trucks had spent days at the frontier awaiting clearance from Ukrainian officials.

Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds dies
12:29 21.08.14
Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds has died at the age of 81, following a long illness. In his three years as head of government, he played a central role in advancing the Northern Ireland peace process.

Humans and Neanderthals'shared Europe'
02:05 21.08.14
Humans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in Europe for up to five millennia, according to new research. Refined carbon dating methods indicate that the modern man did not simply replace his hominid cousin.

Heavy shelling and street battles in eastern Ukraine as Kyiv claims Luhansk
18:53 20.08.14
The Ukrainian government has announced control of the rebel stronghold Luhansk. The news follows a day of heavy fighting around the eastern city of Donetsk that left at least 40 people dead.

Opinion: Showdown in Minsk
15:33 20.08.14
The conflict in eastern Ukraine is entering a critical stage. An all-out war between Russia and Ukraine cannot be ruled out anymore, writes DW's Ingo Mannteufel.

More deaths in eastern Ukraine as fighting intensifies
13:46 20.08.14
Over 30 people have been killed in the last 24 hours, according to Kyiv, as heavy fighting continues in the Donetsk region. Meanwhile, aid workers search for a way to access those in need.

Ukraine soldiers advance on separatist Donetsk
21:57 19.08.14
Ukrainian troops are besieging the strategic strongholds of separatists in the east. The situation is deteriorating rapidly for civilians.

Suspect arrested over UK shipping container death
18:37 19.08.14
A man has been arrested in Northern Ireland following the death of one of 35 Afghan immigrants found in a shipping container in England over the weekend.

Walburga Habsburg Douglas:'We knew the Iron Curtain could fall'
17:44 19.08.14
On August 19, 1989, Hungarians and Austrians gathered at their border - sealed off since 1945 - for a picnic. Walburga Habsburg Douglas remembers how 600 East Germans used it as a cover to flee West.

The picnic that changed European history
10:07 19.08.14
On October 4, 1990, Helmut Kohl announced that it was in Hungary where"the first stone was knocked out of the wall."The first holes appeared in the Iron Curtain following an August picnic in Sopron.

German surveillance upsets Turkish trust
19:58 18.08.14
Germany's surveillance of Turkey has damaged the trust between the two nations, Turkish experts say. An apology would be appropriate, they argue - but they don't really expect one.

Latvia asks Merkel for greater NATO presence in Baltic
17:30 18.08.14
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged greater NATO solidarity with its Baltic members on a flying visit to Latvia. However, she again rejected the prospect of permanently establishing NATO bases in the region.

UK police identify container stowaways as Afghan Sikhs
18:10 17.08.14
Authorities in southeastern England have said that the 35 people found in a shipping container originated from Afghanistan. It remains unclear how long they had been sealed off before their discovery.

Foreign ministers to hold urgent meeting on Ukraine crisis
16:26 16.08.14
The foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany are to hold an urgent meeting to address tensions in eastern Ukraine. The situation worsened after claims Russia tried to send a military convoy into Ukraine.

Man dead, 30 survivors in London-bound container
13:47 16.08.14
More than thirty people, one of them dead, have been discovered in a shipping container at a British port. Several children were among those hiding in the container, which had arrived from Belgium.

Trapped Polish researcher rescued from Austrian cave
10:29 16.08.14
A Polish researcher has been rescued after becoming trapped inside a cave in the Austrian Alps. It comes two months after a major operation to save a man who spent almost two weeks stuck in Germany's deepest cave system.

Opinion: There is no European foreign policy
23:15 15.08.14
The EU is struggling to come up with a response to the brutal advance of the Islamists in Iraq. It comes across as weak and uncoordinated, according to Christoph Hasselbach.

Russian sanctions create surplus of European produce
20:22 15.08.14
Russian sanctions have left farmers in Europe high and dry. If they put their produce on EU markets, prices would likely crash. So what is to become of this year's harvest?

EU ministers back arms for Iraqi Kurds
18:38 15.08.14
The European Union has agreed to back individual EU governments who wish to send weapons to Iraqi Kurds who are fighting against IS militants. Historically reluctant Germany surprises in providing arms abroad.

Battle for Ukraine: An Inside View of the Surreal Donetsk War Zone
19:19 19.08.14
As the Ukrainian army closes in on Donetsk, shelling in the metropolis has become much more frequent -- and deadly. Many residents have left, but those who remain seem unsure what to make of the conflict. Resignation is widespread.

Russia's Soul: What Crimea Says about Putin's Future
13:31 13.08.14
President Vladimir Putin made himself immensely popular among Russians by annexing the Crimean Peninsula. But with the situation in eastern Ukraine volatile, it remains unclear how the move will ultimately be judged. A trip through Crimea provides some answers.

Pilgrims Inc.: Soul Searching and Commerce on the Way of St. James
11:24 07.08.14
Not long ago, only a few people would make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Now, over 200,000 people a year spend several grueling weeks along the route. Traditionalists turn up their noses at the crowds, but the rewards are still vast.

Europe's Ground Zero: Fairy Tales and Fabrications in Eastern Ukraine
11:33 30.07.14
There's an eerie silence at the MH 17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, even as a civil war and propaganda battles rage around it. Few here seem concerned that the investigation into the tragedy could influence future ties with Europe.

The Wake-Up Call: Europe Toughens Stance against Putin
16:14 28.07.14
It took the shooting down of a Boeing jet carrying almost 300 people before the EU agreed on the first true economic sanctions against Russia. The Americans want further action, but it is impossible to know if punitive measures can sway Vladimir Putin.

The Muslims of Tromsø: Ramadan in the Land of the Midnight Sun
17:17 25.07.14
During Ramadan, Muslims fast until the sun goes down. But what if you live in a place where there is no sunset? The believers in Tromsø, Norway spent years searching for a solution to that conundrum. Now that they have found one, new problems have arisen.

A Tour of France: Examining the New Sick Man of Europe
18:30 23.07.14
The TV images of the Tour de France show an idyllic country, but behind the gloss is a nation where fears of decline are prompting people to vote for the far right. A trip along the route of the world's most famous cycling race reveals the deep uncertainty ailing the French.

US Loses Patience with Europe: Washington Wants Tough Russia Sanctions
13:01 22.07.14
Following the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine, calls are growing in Washington for tough sanctions against Moscow. Many European governments are still hesitating, paving the way for the next big trans-Atlantic row.

Opinion: Watch Out for Little Green Men
18:52 07.07.14
When Moscow-backed troops appeared in Crimea earlier this year, the media dubbed them the "Little Green Men." Now NATO members should ask themselves how they will respond if the soldiers begin appearing in Estonia and Latvia too.

Yearning for Change: Italian Diplomacy Just Got Younger
12:39 04.07.14
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised change for his country. His new foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, embodies the desire to shake things up. Just 41 years old, she lacks extensive experience, but is full of confidence.

Russian Riddle: EU Can't Agree on a Natural Gas Strategy
18:13 24.06.14
European leaders agree that the Ukraine crisis has made natural gas supplies from Russia precarious. Yet they are divided over what to do about it. Poland wants a new European energy union, but others seem to be in no hurry.

Ukraine: Cossacks Thought To Be Behind Observer Kidnappings
12:08 23.06.14
Western diplomats believe that leading Cossacks could be behind the abduction of two teams of OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine, SPIEGEL has learned. A leading Cossack in the Russian parliament could have the power to free them.

Spending Spree: Anger with Greek Shipowners on the Rise
17:49 19.06.14
The Greek economy continues to suffer, but the country's shipowners are spending as though there were no crisis. Once popular, Greece's shipping companies are now widely reviled.

Commission Crusade: Cameron Outmaneuvered in Battle over Juncker
13:37 19.06.14
British Prime Minister David Cameron is determined not to let Jean-Claude Juncker become president of the European Commission. But he is increasingly isolated. He might face his Waterloo as early as next week.

Trouble for Merkel: Berlin Divided in Spat over EU Commmission
13:14 07.06.14
The appointment of the next leaders of the EU Commission has divided Europe, raising the specter that Britain could leave the bloc. London is an important ally to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and it is likely she will seek to broker a deal.

Opinion: Europe's Juncker Bond
14:15 05.06.14
Jean-Claude Juncker vehemently criticized German-imposed austerity measures during the euro crisis. By doing so, he gained support in a number of countries -- especially those which would like to see the common currency zone degraded into a debt union.

Cameron's Empty Threat: Britain Risks Losing an Ally in EU Feud
16:50 04.06.14
It appears David Cameron's strategy has backfired. His campaign to derail Jean-Claude Juncker's appointment as the next EU Commission president is failing and the British prime minister may soon suffer a loss of face. Angela Merkel is his only possible savior.

'A European War': The Fight for Ukraine's East Gets Bloodier
14:33 04.06.14
Fighters from Russia's Caucasus region have joined the separatists in eastern Ukraine, while Kiev has intensified its efforts to win back control of the region. Just 10 days after the presidential election there, the conflict is quickly turning into a war.

Interview with Marine Le Pen: 'I Don't Want this European Soviet Union'
19:07 03.06.14
In a SPIEGEL interview, French right-wing populist Marine Le Pen discusses the European election victory by her Front National, German dominance in the EU and her admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ex-Premier Blair: 'British Understand the Folly of Leaving the EU'
18:45 03.06.14
Not much has been heard from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair lately. But in recent days, he has waded into the debate surrounding the next EU Commission president. In an interview, he also predicts that the British will vote to stay in the European Union.