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07:43 26.11.14
Crowds gather in cities across the US to protest against the decision not to charge a police officer over the killing of black teen Michael Brown.
07:53 26.11.14
At least 116 people have been arrested in Mong Kok, say Hong Kong police, as scuffles break out during operations to dismantle protest camps.
00:49 26.11.14
Thieves steal shoes belonging to Jewish Holocaust victims at a former concentration camp in Poland
04:22 26.11.14
At least 24 miners are killed and dozens are injured by a fire at a mine in China's Liaoning province, state media report.
17:20 25.11.14
France suspends "until further notice" the delivery of a helicopter carrier to the Russian navy because of continuing violence in eastern Ukraine.
15:29 25.11.14
Pope Francis warns that Europe appears "somewhat elderly" and less and less a protagonist, in a speech to EU politicians in Strasbourg.
23:03 25.11.14
Two female suicide bombers blow themselves up at a crowded market in the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing 78 people, hospital staff say.
18:05 25.11.14
Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema dump bodies in public in protest at non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims.
21:47 25.11.14
Police in Hungary are accused of blaming victims of sexual assault after releasing advice that warns young women of the risks of flirting.
20:25 25.11.14
Rescue teams are searching for survivors in the rubble of a block of flats that collapsed in Egypt's capital Cairo, killing at least 17 people.
00:43 26.11.14
Two armed robbers who held up a jewellery shop and took a hostage hand themselves in to police following a chase across Paris.
19:13 25.11.14
The only working elephant in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh is blessed ahead of her imminent retirement after more than 30 years of carrying tourists.
11:02 25.11.14
The Cowardly Lion costume from classic film The Wizard of Oz sells for more than $3m (£1.9m) at an auction in New York.
00:00 26.11.14
Five children have died after a fire destroyed a mobile home in a small town in southern Texas, local media report.
10:49 23.11.14
Marion Barry, a four-term Democratic mayor of Washington DC mayor who won re-election after a drug arrest, dies at 78.
18:47 25.11.14
Colombia's Farc rebels release two soldiers taken hostage earlier this month, a first step towards resuming peace talks.
03:24 24.11.14
Peru's environmental police launch an investigation into the deaths of some 500 sea lions found on a northern beach.
19:27 25.11.14
Police in Ivory Coast fire tear gas and use batons to disperse crowds protesting about a ban on plastic bags used to carry water.
18:31 25.11.14
Hundreds of people flee to a military airstrip in Kenya's Mandera region after the deadly weekend bus attack by Somali militants.
04:53 26.11.14
The Australian drummer of rock group AC/DC briefly appears in court in New Zealand, arriving late, to face a charge of threatening to kill.
02:13 26.11.14
Australia batsman Phil Hughes remains in a critical condition after being struck on the head and will have scans on Wednesday.
14:12 25.11.14
A French appeal court refuses to allow a father to take custody of his biological son, who was given up for adoption by his mother.
16:11 25.11.14
The eurozone may be stuck in an enduring period of no growth, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says.
19:58 25.11.14
At least 36 civilians have been killed in air strikes by Syrian government warplanes on the Islamic State-held northern city of Raqqa, activists say.
13:45 25.11.14
A group of seven Yemenis and a US military expert kidnapped by al-Qaeda-linked militants are freed by Yemeni forces, an official tells the BBC.
02:04 26.11.14
The government is failing those with learning disabilities by keeping them in hospitals far from home for too long, a report commissioned by NHS England says.
02:00 26.11.14
The government calls on Fifa to publish in full the investigation into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process.
17:11 25.11.14
The US economy grew much faster in the third quarter than first reported, official figures have shown.
02:08 26.11.14
A "toxic" and "aggressive" culture inside banks will take a generation to change, according to a report from Cass Business School and New City Agenda.
17:13 25.11.14
Ana Botin has moved swiftly to reshape Santander, ousting its chief executive after less than two years in the role.
00:11 26.11.14
Barcelona's Lionel Messi becomes the Champions League's all-time top scorer by scoring against Apoel Nicosia.
01:09 26.11.14
Sergio Aguero boosts Manchester City's Champions League hopes with two late goals to beat Bayern Munich 3-2.
23:59 25.11.14
Chelsea qualify for the Champions League knockout phase as they ruthlessly beat Roberto Di Matteo's Schalke.
11:49 25.11.14
Two more Bill Cosby shows are axed as the veteran comedian continues to face allegations of sexual assault.
12:15 25.11.14
British TV productions win three awards at the International Emmys in the US, including a best drama prize for axed Channel 4 series Utopia.
14:53 25.11.14
Universal Pictures take on a movie based on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs following Sony Pictures' departure from the project.
02:00 26.11.14
A new initiative in San Francisco offers the city's homeless population mobile showers and toilets in a converted bus.
02:20 26.11.14
The male grooming and beauty industry is booming in South Africa, with products now targeting a new audience - black men, as the BBC's Milton Nkosi reports.
00:27 26.11.14
Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie has attended the premiere in London of her new film, Unbroken.
02:20 26.11.14
1954 saw the closure of Ellis Island. Isabel Belarsky passed through the American mass immigration centre.
18:57 25.11.14
Flooding in southern Morocco has killed 32 people and six others are missing after the heavy rains, according to officials.
02:07 26.11.14
A PhD student from Brunel University London has saved himself£100,000 by 'hacking' his own kit.
12:51 25.11.14
Jon Kay reports from the courtroom in Cape Town, as South African prosecutors try to persuade a judge not to drop the murder case against British businessman Shrien Dewani.
13:38 25.11.14
At least 17 people have been killed after a block of flats collapsed in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the BBC's Orla Guerin reports
02:29 26.11.14
Teenagers join fight on both sides in Ukraine's conflict
02:40 26.11.14
BBC man embraces South Africa's male beauty revolution
02:45 26.11.14
Caucasus women seek independence through clubbing
23:15 25.11.14
Twitter gossip tempts Delhi's chattering classes
02:20 26.11.14
How militants trusted this man with their deepest secrets
01:57 26.11.14
Should Opec cut production to boost prices?
02:23 26.11.14
Six World War One battlegrounds in unexpected places
22:48 25.11.14
Obama's priorities as his defence secretary resigns
17:28 25.11.14
Pope's surprise assault on EU's malaise
15:22 25.11.14
Australian batsman's head injury is a reminder of risks in sport
21:15 06.11.14
Creativity runs through the veins of the entertainment industry, but recent digital innovations across its various forms are becoming more experimental than ever. From virtual reality headsets in movie theaters to drone-filmed music videos, you never know what realm or galaxy you might end up thanks to technology's latest artistic creations.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
21:16 06.11.14
Business is a game, as Bill Gates observed, and in the modern workplace any distinction is fast dissolving. Firms are increasingly adopting the principles of successful gaming and applying them to the office to build teams of problem solvers.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
20:42 06.11.14
In rock climbing, it's all about making it to the top - and in business, it's no different. At Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, the two worlds collide. The company's co-founders Lance Pinn and Jesse Levin talk to Smart Business about how an active collaborative workspace can stimulate innovation and creativity.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:04 11.11.14
Stretching across the heart of Europe, Germany's spider-web of highways ferries tons of goods on their journey across the continent and beyond.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
21:42 30.10.14
What really makes a business tick and retain a healthy balance sheet? It's all about keeping it in the family, according to a large chunk of small-to-medium size businesses which dominate the marketplace in Germany.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
19:07 29.10.14
Germany's industrial sector is known for its efficiency.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
17:41 11.11.14
"A living painting is many things," says artist and designer Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. "It's a painting in process, it's a work of film, it's an actual tactile painting."<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
14:58 10.11.14
The Large Binocular Telescope can see to the edge of our universe, objects that were around thirteen billion years ago.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:48 28.10.14
At Volkswagen's Dresden plant, car manufacture becomes a public performance.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
17:28 21.11.14
Jack can reel off lists of World Cup winners, darts champions and football players without a second's hesitation -- but can he beat Wikipedia?<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
14:45 20.11.14
The battle for control of eastern Ukraine is exacting a heavy toll on the area's residents, who are fighting just to survive as winter sets in.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
22:50 20.11.14
Unsecured footage from thousands of webcams around the world -- including in the United States and western Europe -- has been accessed and streamed by a website thought to be based in the Russian Federation, British officials say.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
08:24 20.11.14
From gourmet hotdogs to Sevillian tapas, the food served in these London restaurants is worth lining up for.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
20:23 18.11.14
They stepped forward to help reform the way football operates - and are now bitterly regretting their decision.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
20:18 18.11.14
Beautifully designed new travel document reveals image of Northern Lights when placed under UV light.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
20:27 18.11.14
New concept offering luxury rooms in ancient dwellings keeps ancient beautiful villages from falling into ruin.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:07 17.11.14
Five experts in space science explain the importance of the Rosetta mission.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:00 18.11.14
After experiencing explosive growth in the first decade of the new century, growth rates in emerging markets have slowed noticeably and perhaps indefinitely. Despite this slowdown, collectively the BRICS (a term used to describe the growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and other emerging markets have simply become too big to be ignored, now accounting for the majority of the world's GDP and growth.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:58 14.11.14
One stands as tall as a red British phone booth. The other is the height of six stacked cans of baked beans.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:59 14.11.14
An artist in the Netherlands has created a brilliant tribute to Vincent van Gogh -- a bike path that glows in the dark.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
21:44 14.11.14
A notebook full of work-in-progress versions of some of Dylan Thomas's key poems has been rediscovered more than 70 years after the poet's mother-in-law ordered it to be burnt.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:24 13.11.14
The "holy grail" of handmade gold watches has been sold at a Sotheby's auction for $24.4 million.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:26 13.11.14
It's hard to top the tricky, first-ever space landing on a comet, broadcast live on the Internet.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
14:32 13.11.14
Russia and Ukraine are locked together in a spiral of economic decline. Whose economy will come out of the current crisis unscathed?<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
01:29 13.11.14
The Rosetta mission to land a probe on Comet 67P is past the point of no return, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced on Wednesday.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
18:05 25.11.14
Women's rights groups respond angrily to comments by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that women and men are not equal "because their nature is different."<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
06:57 25.11.14
Over the past five years evictions have become a symbol of Spain's economic crisis, but the latest homeowner to face the prospect of homelessness -- an 85-year-old woman -- has found an unlikely guardian angel.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:51 24.11.14
A Dutch mother single-handedly brings her daughter back from ISIS territory. CNN's Isa Soares has her amazing story.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:52 24.11.14
Amid growing economic hardship and international isolation, Russia's president remains utterly popular at home. Matthew Chance explains why he is impervious to any criticism.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:29 25.11.14
UK intelligence and security agencies made errors in investigating two men convicted of murdering a British soldier in a brutal attack in London but could not have prevented his death, UK lawmakers concluded Tuesday.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
15:12 24.11.14
Europeans are worried about a potential bird flu epidemic after a wild duck tested positive for the H5N8 virus in Germany, following outbreaks on farms in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
13:22 25.11.14
Furore over reported 500 euro fines for rolling luggage prompts denial from city's special commissioner.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
06:55 25.11.14
On the southern fringes of Donetsk, in the shadow of a huge steel plant, a cacophony of barking overwhelms the dull thud of artillery fire. The PIF animal shelter is crammed with almost 1,000 dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds (though the number that can claim any sort of pedigree is probably in single figures).<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
06:56 25.11.14
Scary vertical views get scarier when the glass beneath your feet starts breaking. Luckily there was no danger when it happened in London.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
19:27 24.11.14
It might all have remained a dark secret, if a young man who was an alleged victim of sexual abuse hadn't written a letter to the Vatican. And then gotten a surprise phone call from Pope Francis, according to a Spanish digital newspaper.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
17:09 24.11.14
Got more money than sense and want everyone to know you visited an ancient landmark? Authorities in Rome have the answer...<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
16:29 24.11.14
A court in Hong Kong has ruled that a British banker charged with the grisly murder of two Indonesian women is psychologically fit to enter a plea on both counts.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
20:30 23.11.14
With tensions simmering over the deadly crisis in Ukraine, Russia's Sergei Lavrov accuses the West of seeking regime change in Moscow.<img src="" height="1" width="1"/>
04:05 26.11.14
Representatives in the European Parliament received a harsh critique of the state of Europe from Pope Francis. Nevertheless, his speech in Strasbourg was a glowing appeal that awakened hope, says DW's Christoph Strack.
16:51 25.11.14
A draft law taken to parliament in Turkey has proposed greater powers for police on matters including detention, weapons and wiretapping. This comes as Kurds protest over the situation in neighboring Iraq and Syria.
13:49 25.11.14
French President Francois Hollande has delayed the controversial delivery of a warship to Russia"until further notice."The decison comes as a result of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.
12:32 25.11.14
Speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Pope Francis has urged the EU to remember the aims of its founders. He called on a"united response"to immigration, and"to keep democracy alive."
12:08 25.11.14
The European Union's trademark office rejected the claim of a German toy manufacturer which argued the trademark of the Rubik's Cube should be canceled. The court upheld the trademark of the 3D cubed puzzle.
10:56 25.11.14
Pope Francis has arrived in Strasbourg, France, to address the EU Parliament. The pontiff is expected to deliver a"clear message"to the continent's politicians.
07:03 25.11.14
Only a few weeks into his term, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is already facing a no-confidence motion in the European Parliament. He will survive but his reputation will suffer, says DW's Bernd Riegert.
06:16 25.11.14
Pope Francis'visit to Europe's institutions on Tuesday will whisk him through the European Parliament and and the Council. It is one of the shortest visits in papal history.
06:15 25.11.14
Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has been remanded in custody on suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering. It wasn't immediately clear whether formal charges against him would be filed.
21:58 24.11.14
Spanish authorities have arrested four Catholic priests accused of child abuse in the southern city of Granada. The country's Interior Ministry says investigations into the case began"some time ago."
18:13 24.11.14
EU lawmakers are set to vote on a motion this week proposing the break-up of Google and other Internet firms. The move comes amid increasing political pressure on the bloc to curb their market dominance.
15:45 24.11.14
The UK has unveiled new measures to tackle terror threats, including from citizens who have returned after fighting alongside terror groups in the Middle East. An estimated 500 Britons have joined the"Islamic State."
14:07 24.11.14
Belgian trade unions have launched a month of intermittent industrial action to protest against new government austerity measures. The strikes are to culminate in a general stoppage in mid-December.
21:07 23.11.14
The Dutch government says the week-long operation to recover wreckage from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 is complete. Continued fighting around the broad debris field had delayed the operation.
15:37 23.11.14
The Italian coast guard and navy have intercepted hundreds of migrants from the central Mediterranean since Thursday. Meanwhile in Cyprus, authorities have rescued a large group of Syrian refugees heading for Europe.
22:11 22.11.14
The Russian foreign minister has spoken out against the West saying it is seeking a regime change in Moscow. The conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to claim lives amid allegations of Russia deploying more troops.
18:31 22.11.14
Activists of the"Blockupy"movement have clashed with the police in Frankfurt. The demonstration was organized to protest the inauguration of the European Central Bank's new office.
15:44 22.11.14
Germany's opposition Greens have set their sights on nutrition that avoids mass livestock farming. They have accused Chancellor Angela Merkel's government of giving agriculturalized industry an unrestrained free run.
13:37 22.11.14
A Russian spy who was jailed in Germany with her husband last year has reportedly been released. Local media is speculating there may have been a prisoner swap deal struck with Moscow.
09:27 22.11.14
Former Portuguese prime minister Jose Socrates has been arrested on suspicion of tax evasion. It's the second potential scandal to hit Portuguese politics in a week, after the interior minister's resignation last Sunday.
18:49 25.11.14
A political solution is more distant than ever in the Russia conflict, with the German government and EU having exhausted their diplomatic options. A rift may now be growing between Chancellor Merkel and her foreign minister over Berlin's tough stance against Moscow.
13:34 25.11.14
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned recently that leaders should tone down their rhetoric on Russia. SPIEGEL asked him whether his comments were directed at Chancellor Merkel and how he believes the conflict with Russia might develop.
20:00 24.11.14
One year ago, negotations over a Ukraine association agreement with the European Union collapsed. The result has been a standoff with Russia and war in the Donbass. It was an historical failure, and one that German Chancellor Angela Merkel contributed to.
19:36 18.11.14
Corporations pay low taxes in Luxembourg. As prime minister, Jean-Claude Juncker carried partial blame for this policy. Politicians in Brussels have maneuvered to save him from the scandal, but the case has cast light on Europe's tax-dumping problem.
18:41 17.11.14
Berlin has begun to see Moscow as an adversary rather than as a potential partner. The German government is concerned about efforts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase his influence in the Balkans. Stopping him, however, could prove difficult.
18:21 11.11.14
On Wednesday, astronomers with the European Space Agency will attempt a maneuver that has never been tried before. A probe from the spacecraft Rosetta is to land on a comet some 500 million kilometers away. The mission could teach us about life on Earth.
18:46 10.11.14
Can the European Commission be led by a man who transformed his own country into a tax oasis? The debate is long overdue and Jean-Claude Juncker can no longer afford to shirk the question.
17:56 06.11.14
More than 1,000 young people from France have joined extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, more than from any other European country. The recruits are no longer just coming from the margins of society.
17:40 06.11.14
There was a time when it looked as though eastern Ukraine might become part of Russia. Now, though, rebels in the region have been fighting among themselves and Moscow is unsure how to proceed. Sunday's election changed nothing.
17:13 04.11.14
Greece's public prosecutor claims the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party bears all the characteristics of a 'criminal organization'. Party members stand accused of murder and other acts of violence. Will Greek officials soon move to ban Chrysi Avgi?
15:29 03.11.14
David Cameron is furious about the EU Commission's demand that the UK make a back payment of€2.1 billion. But it is the British prime minister's stance on immigration that has German Chancellor Merkel more worried. She fears he may be crossing a red line.
21:27 22.10.14
As the Ukrainian election approaches, citizens are both hopeful and skeptical about their country's future. But their biggest concern isn't the war in the east or Russian interference -- it's the country's need for a working state.
13:10 20.10.14
Market uncertainty over the future of the euro has returned, but that hasn't stopped France from flouting European Union deficit rules. Berlin is already busy hashing out a dubious compromise.
09:08 19.10.14
Germany's foreign intelligence agency says its review of the crash of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Ukrainian has concluded it was brought down by a missile fired by pro-Russian separatists near Donetsk.
15:20 09.10.14
When over 300 refugees drowned off the coast of Italy last October, the incident prompted widespread outcry and promises to save more lives. But 12 months later, the fates of the survivors show just how broken Europe's refugee system really is.
18:52 06.10.14
Ever since Matteo Renzi became Italy's new prime minister, officials in Berlin and Brussels have had newfound belief that Italy's deep-seated economic problems are being tackled. But that won't happen until the country stops deceiving itself.
18:43 01.10.14
No other region in Spain receives as much European Union funding as Andalusia. But do the projects being funded make sense? Questions are mounting about the efficacy of the subsidies -- and about their potential for feeding corruption.
14:08 29.09.14
In an interview, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, 46, discusses relations with neighboring Russia and his country's flirtation with NATO. He says Finland will make a decision "without asking for permission."
13:45 26.09.14
In an interview, 84 year old Sobibór survivor Philip Bialowitz discusses the importance of the recent discovery of the death camp's gas chambers and his risky escape from the Nazis in 1943.
18:19 23.09.14
Earlier this month, 500 people, mostly refugess from the Gaza Strip, drowned when their ship sank in the Mediterranean. It was the worst such tragedy in a summer full of them. SPIEGEL traveled to Gaza and Crete to find out what happened.